Regenerated Cashmere, VICENZA JOURNAL, with Stella McCartney

Samstag, 27. Mai 2017

It is called King. Towards the regenerated yarn that Stella McCartney will use for the entire production of knitwear replacing pure cashmere. A fabric made in Italy and obtained from industrial cashmere excess, with which the English designer aims to reduce the environmental impact of 92%. To make a pure cashmere sweater, four goats are served, while only one sheep can get five wool sweaters. The demand for the market for pure cashmere products has increased dramatically in recent years, leading to an intensification of goat's farms and consequently to a greater impact on the environment that hosts them: Mongolia pastures. 90% of Mongolian prairies are at risk of desertification, with Re.Verso Stella McCartney and its sustainable eco-brand aim to attest the environmental impact to 2% by 2016

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