Cashmere regenerated

A quality mesh and above all ecologically sustainable!

Our company is into project The ECOSOSTENIBILITY !!
An important PROJECT that focuses on the theme of recycling, reducing environmental impact and supporting the conservation of natural resources.
Over the years we have specialized in cashmere as we know the value of this noble fiber.
In order to appreciate its peculiarities to everyone, we have also thought about raising people's awareness.
Eco-sustainability and regeneration of cashmere knitting with the name of regenerated cashmere.

We buy cashmere from all over the world. Our professional buyers are continually pursuing high-quality clothing, while specialized Italian staff selects individual garments by choosing only pure 100% cashmere.

The procedures for giving new life to these garments or knitwear in 100% pure cashmere are rigorous:

1) Meticulous inspection of the head, one by one.
2) There is a particular wash that makes fiber vigor.

3) Add products designed to make the head safe from a hygienic point of view.
4) Steam ironing is carried out for further sterilization of the head, then it is folded and finally blanched and folded.

The end result is a new regenerated cap, with a zero environmental impact, beneficial in the relationship between quality and price !!

All the process is carried out in Italy within ITALIAN companies, through quality controls, is mapped and then packaged one by one.

The product type includes an assortment of sizes, patterns and colors, depending on your needs, without forgetting that, being a regenerated product, it varies according to the availability on the market.

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