Stock-Service Puro Cashmere 100%

We provide our Show-Room & Warehouse, offering our customers and visitors an unparalleled assortment.

maglie di cashmere a scelta

With about 20,000 pieces pure cashmere knitwear items in stock, always available, divided into models and sizes, we can serve any type of customer from the smallest to the most demanding.

The sale is simply by choice and without the obligation of minimum purchases.

In our company you can find all kinds of sweaters coming from all over the world, or our fantastic MADE IN ITALY

We also have available:

Pure Merino Extra-Fine knitwear in Stock-Service available in stock, divided into model and size.

Only salable colors and models, we know the market around us well.

We always talk about Italian knitwear MADE IN ITALY, with excellent yarns for example: Zegna Baruffa, Tollegno 1900, Millefili, Biagioli, Cariaggi. Not to say, but we rely only on the TOP.

You can buy on ready in our Stock-Service, or if you have important numbers, we can program a fantastic ITALIAN production.