Welcome to the new CIRCULAR ECONOMY


Riciclo di cashmere

Develop a new product, it begins with you! Cashmere recycling, conservation of our limited resources. It is not for everyone. We started as a joke, but now WE SERIOUSLY. Buy reclaimed or recycled products, do your part, beginning with the least.

Sfilacciato di cashmere

Everything starts here The raw material coming from the textile waste of knitwear 100% cashmere, re-used in order to create a completely new product!


Filatura 100% cashmere

SPINNING THE CASHMERE 100% Cashmere The materials recovered frayed and then you bring in spinning, where the real miracle happens. Resumes form, it becomes a yarn 100% Cashmere regenerated, ready to be transformed into a new product.
cartelle colori cashmere

Folder yarns and colors Then we create a sampling of yarn so you can accurately choose our SHOWROOM.  

scelta maglieria cashmere

The choice of your product 100% Cashmere With a wide range of samples, you can choose with peace of mind that your own terms. With a professional and qualified staff.


We at DiffusioneStock believe in and define the concept of 100% Cashmere knitwear "Regenerated, Recycled, Reused" SUSTAINABLE following some basic steps: Quality, Sustainability; Responsibility. In our opinion and according to the opinion of many experts worldwide, we have reached a point where we need to review our way of consuming, reusing, recycling. The resources that we have available "unfortunately" are limited, and the environment is suffering a lot. In practice we must use the most efficient way to manage and reuse our resources. Hence the famous 3 R recognized all over the world, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Circular economy, this is the project we are following. It is true we do business, but in a responsible way, nature thanks us!