Cashmere / Cachmire / Cashmere / kashmir / kaszmir

2 Ply, 4 Ply, 6 Ply, 8 Ply, 10 Ply, 12 Ply:
How to understand the difference and value?

Knitwear (and all cashmere items) can be woven with a number of wires more or less high, which will determine their thickness and weight. The equivalent type of webbing, the greater the number of threads, the more Cashmere / Cachmire / Cashmere / Kashmir softness, the more it will give you an even more intense comfort feel.

A 2-Ply mesh is the origin of a summer or mid-season vest. But the exceptional isothermal properties of Cashmere / Cachmire / Cashmere / Kashmir allow you to wear this type of mesh all year long. In winter, just bring it under a good wind jacket, to feel its soft and warm hug. At the same thickness, a sweater in Cashmere / Cachmire / Cashmere / Kashmir is much warmer than a traditional wool sweater.
The 2-Ply sweater represents the most important part of the market, mainly because of the most affordable price (more Ply there are, the price of the shirt is high), and the rarity of the offer of thick sweaters. One of our strong points is our vast choice of sweaters ranging from 2 to 12 Ply.
Knitwear between 6 and 12 Ply are definitely of winter jerseys. These thicknesses particularly enhance Cashmere / Cachmire / Cashmere / Kashmir and its sensual softness.