Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci Cashmere

The story of Emilio Pucci fashion career started in the 1950s when he designs ski outfit, photographed for Harper's Bazar. Using his aristocratic sensibilities he managed to revolutionize chic resort clothing. Pucci, driven by the desire to liberate women, granting them freedom and movement, took his inspiration from natural landscapes and exotic cultures, bringing luscious, bright colours to his designs. His kaleidoscopic prints became his signature, distinguishing him remarkably from the designer of this era. The effect was glorious, joyful, and perfectly captured the new mood in fashion. Perfect jet-set glamour in billowing asymmetric gowns, printed maxi dresses and show-stopping swimwear are the Pucci's recipe for success. We offer a consultancy for operational management of multiple orders of clothing, accessories and other Emilio Pucci's products.