Pinko Cashmere

Pinko | Cris was born in the heart of one of the most productive areas of the Italian textile/clothing sector, at first operating as a workshop for a number of leading women's clothing firms. Its two young entrepreneurs, Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini, laid the foundations for the development of a company whose range of activity would soon prove much wider. With the formation of a staff armed with the technical/productive know-how developed over the years and, above all, an in-depth knowledge of its product, the decision was made to launch the Pinko collection. 

In the beginning, the concept behind the Pinko project was "instant fashion" through which weekly "flashes" were launched to meet the continuously-evolving demand within the constant whirl of proposals and trends created by the advent of the "griffe" phenomenon. 

The company oriented its line towards a young market attuned to continuous change and new trends, offering a product that translated the top-designer "look" into clothing at prices that were in line with the expectations of its clientele.