The project

DiffusioneStock is a brand that was born several years ago, with the intention of doing business in the trade of fine knitwear in stock.

After years of activity we have decided to make a change, we want to promote a business towards the establishment of an "ethical and sustainable model". We took the theme of the environment to heart, and for this reason we decided to make this choice, and to make a first-person contribution to the cause, on the subject of economic, climatic and environmental needs, for us but above all for the generation to come.

Circular Fashion

With our production the old 100% cashmere sweaters are recycled, but above all the consumption of water, pesticides, dyes and chemical products normally used during the production phases are considerably reduced!

We firmly believe that there is no need to produce new fibers yet, but we can use those that have already been produced and maybe regenerate them.

Some numbers translated into savings:


dati impatto cashmere riciclato


100% Cashmere Recycle Reuse Reduce

Furthermore, our animal friends also have their benefit, as they are no longer exploited or even mistreated.

For us to be protagonists in our small of such a Grande project is simply extraordinary!

We can define ourselves as Animal Free, a fashion that is not only beautiful but also respectful of animals, the environment and the health of consumers. If you are also looking for a fashion "ANIMAL FRIENDLY" or "IMPACT 0 WITH NATURE" Here you are in the right place. We are one of those companies that are committed to no longer use any direct material of animal origin. But use only the existing one.

Let's take care of our planet and our animal friends.
Nature and true friends thank you!


We added an R to the famous 3 R (Respect)

100% Cashmere
Recycle Reuse Reduce, RESPECT!