Salvatore Ferragamo Cashmere

Salvatore Ferragamo born in 1898 settles his very own shoe shop in Florence, giving a start of the worldwide famous Ferragamo brand. The designer made his first pair of shoes in the age of 9 for his sisters, in 1914 emigrated to Boston, USA, moving later to Santa Barbara e Hollywood, where he opened initially a small shop for repair and custom made shoes, leading to a long period of designing footwear for the cinema.

Returning to Italy and settling his business in Florence, he started fashioning shoes and leather accessories for the most powerful women of the time: from Margaret Thatcher to Eva Peron and Marilyn Monroe. Ferragamo's key to success is the unique mix between classic elegance and pieces of art.

The house of fashion Ferragamo nowadays is producing not only shoes and bags, but since 1980 has also pret-a-porter lines, silk scarfs, gloves. We are provider of all Ferragamo's collections.