Cashmere, Kashmir, Cachemire, Casimiro, Kaszmir

Its name comes from Kashmirthe historical region now divided between India, Pakistan and China:

Where do you export 'to Europe from the beginning of the nineteenth century.
The mythical origins of a productUnique and valuable fiber, cashmere, also known as the Golden Fleece and Fibre of Kings

The fine cashmere fiber derived from the legendary cloak of rare animalsa particular species of goats that live on the plateaus and rugged loners.

We are worldwide distributors of high quality cashmere, 100% pure cashmere

Our customers can ask us to their liking the colors and type of composition as above.
Our cashmere is imperative MADE IN ITALY.
We want to emphasize this because it has a superiority in descent mesh that separates us from the rest of the world!

Here are some tips for handling and cleaning and a good conservation over time.

The cashmere and 'rare and sensitive fibersthis should be treated gently and with great care to preserve its unique softness over time.
1) Remove any pilling, which are small balls that are formed on the surface due to the friction, using a soft brush.
2) Wash in cold water at 30 ° Cpreferably by handusing a small amount 'of a specific detergent and rinse well.
3) Allow the head lying horizontally at room temperature, away from radiatorsdirect sunlight.
4) Store in a cool, dry season using the appropriate containers at the end of a moth repellent and breathable.