Ermenegildo Zegna Cashhmere

The Ermenegildo Zegna Group history starts with the birth of Angelo Zegna in 1859 in Northwestern Italy in the city of Piedmont. Ermenegildo Zegnaworked as a watchmaker and he later became a weaver of wool fabrics. At age 40 Ermenegildo Zegna was operating a textitle plant with 15 looms in the city of Triver, Italy. He had 10 children and Ermenegildo was his tenth son. In 1923 Angelo died and his son Ermenegildo Zegna became leader of the Zegna Group. By 1930 Ermenegildo had completely modernized the plant. 

The Zegna Group was so successful that by 1932 the Zegna family began building hospital, sports facilities, schools and hotels. By 1938 Zegna became a major importer of fine textiles to the United States. Today the fourth generation of Zegna family is operating the Zegna Group, Paolo Zegna born in 1956 attended the University of Geneva, Ermenegildo Zegna born in 1955 attended the University of London and Harvard Business School. 

The two Zegna boys are CEO's of Zegna Group and the headquarters are still in Trivero, Italy where Angelo Zegna started the firm. Zegna Group includes trade names Agnona, exclusive brand of frabrics and Longhi leather trademarks. The weave fine fabrics in Italy, Spain, Mexico and Turkey and Zegna have offices in over 40 countries. Zegna Group also manufacturers shoes, accessories, ready to wear, couture clothing, sportswear, leather goods. The Zegna family credo is: Self Respect, Discipline, Hard Work, Honesty and Trust.