Hogan Cashmere

Hogan is an Italian brand of men, women and junior shoes, but also of bags and ready-to-wear garments. It was founded in 1986 as part of the Italian Tod’s S.p.a. group, that makes luxury goods and is owned by the Della Valle family. The brand represents a new idea of a lifestyle: contemporary but at the same time refined and chic. The Hogan collection reflects a personal and unique style in its constant search for quality and innovation. Hogan’s philosophy is based on a desire not to forget its roots, at the same time updating styles and creating a modern elegance that finds its natural expression in the “casual business” concept. Its products are timeless and reveal a versatile urban style perfect for every moment of the day. The Interactive model, the brand’s “best-seller”, was developed in 1997 and totally revolutionized the idea of a sneaker, becoming the symbol of informal elegance.