The finesse in cashmere

Freitag, 25. Mai 2018

In the textile industry, the yarn count defines the thinness of a yarn, from Latin “titulus”.
In Europe, the standard count of the 100% cashmere is 2/28.000, that is say that it is composed by 2 threads twisted together for a length of 28.000 m pro kg.
The higher the count is, the longer should be the yarn. This is important for manufacturing technical purposes , too. To realize a 1/16.000 or 1/9.000, for example, cashmere selections that cost less than the half of those used for a 2/28.000, can be used.
In China is normally used the 2/26.000, very similar to the European 2/28.000. However, experts know that such a minimum change can engrave more than the 30% on the price of raw material.
So, to produce a knitting of 300 g, are necessary 16.800 m (16,8 km) of thread.