The second life (green) of cashmere regenerated

sábado, 27 de mayo de 2017

The second life (green) of cashmere

A group of high tech Tuscan companies produce new noble yarns from scraps and fashion that counts
- from Gucci to Stella McCartney - he noticed.

by investing

Italian textiles are tinged with green, which, in addition to mixing craftsmanship with transparent production processes, has created a new phenomenon: the re-engineering of cashmere. It is a process able to regenerate the scraps of noble fibers, already used in the past as a response to post-war poverty in the Prato district. And now it can turn into an ecofriendly textile platform named Re.Verso. That is, a synergy of top Tuscan yarn companies - New Fratelli Boretti, Filpucci, Green Line A, Stelloni Collection by Mapel and Filatura C4 - joined to produce the Italian "cashman" cashmere part of a line of yarns (The same innovative process also involves wool) not only precious but also certified with the best global environmental standards for material integrity during the recycling cycle (Grs).

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