Cashmere rigenerated

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lundi 21 août 2017

Have you ever heard of re-engineered cashmere? This is a process capable of transforming the scraps of noble fibers into matter to be re-shaped, and thus diminish the impact on the environment that may have cashmere harvesting and production. Thinking of turning one of the noblest fibers into an ecofriendly version was a group of Tuscan companies in pole position with regard to the Italian textile industry. New Brothers Boretti, Filpucci, Green Line A, Stelloni Collection by Mapel and Filatura C4 have created an exclusive platform that marks new ways for Italian cashmere, creating a line of environment-friendly yarns, certified with the best global ecological standards to guarantee The quality of materials and their integrity during the recycling process.


The regenerated cashmere has also attracted high fashion brands: Gucci, Filippa K, Eileen Fisher and Stella McCartney are just some of the names that have begun to replace virgin cashmere with the re-engineered. The task of the platform is to manage operations that bring back valuable yarn scraps, hand-made and preconsumer research.


"This is an absolutely new way of making textile that blends the circular economy with ancient Tuscan traditions. A responsible innovation that resulted in products of excellence totally ecological and made in Italy, "said Daniela Boretti, the founder of the project, seeking to reconcile the craft tradition with the needs and attentions that the environment demands.


It is not to be ruled out that there will still be many brands that decide to choose "green" cashmere for their own shelf.