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eccelente recenzione ALEX

Very helpful person. Cashmere knitwear is really a lot, endless patterns and colors, very well assorted!
I highly recommend it.
eccelente recenzione FABRIZIO

Large assortment of cashmere knitwear, valid product. I have shot so many suppliers, but no one has arrived yet at this level! Trust .. Super Recommended!
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Great assortment of goods, truly incomparable. You can choose from many models, sizes, colors. We recommend it 100% !! Friendly and helpful person


DiffusioneStock is the European leader in the sale and distribution of 100% Cashmere knitwear, pure cashmere Made In Italy and pure cashmere signed. Since our inception in 1998 we have developed a vast experience in the fashion world, developing and exploiting the great experience in the search for products in stock. With the continuous product research for its customers, continuing to make the most of the full potential of our platform.




Our little friends

29/07/2021 00:00

In our own small way, we are convinced that when you start doing something,
you can say that one day you will complete it ..............

In addition, we are convinced that we can all together
improve the future of our young people!

We not only love eco-sustainability but we live it and offer it.
We have managed to transform our passion into our work.
We want to offer a truly special shopping experience.
We want to make people aware of more responsible and sustainable purchases


A gesture of love

03/04/2021 00:00

Our cashmere born with respect for the environment, animals and people who compose it.
Ours is a lifestyle proposal, a gesture of love for ourselves and for all the living beings in the world that surround us.
Preserving the environment in which we live is our duty!
The challenges our planet is facing are unprecedented challenges, which is why we continue to promote our form of sustainability.

Animal Free
Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

The road of the old leaders

13/03/2021 00:00

For the regeneration of cashmere fiber garments we collaborate with some companies in Italy, which for years have been dealing with giving new life to these garments.

This allows us to give individuals the opportunity to contribute to a circular economy project. In fact, we take care of recovering the garments that would be thrown in general waste, to ensure that they are transformed into a regenerated product.


09/03/2021 00:00

Let's try to understand better in terms that everyone can understand what "sustainability" of a product really means.

Sustainability is a very specific way of producing, so that our environment can sustain.

Unfortunately for us our environment is truly in crisis. The more poor quality things we produce, the more we will need to reproduce other products. We must be aware that we have entered a vicious circle, which is not good for our environment.

So, what are the fundamental steps to ensure that the environmental crisis of our planet is not increased yet?

Here are simple steps:


  • it is necessary to produce quality products, to ensure that they have a longer life.
  • you have to take advantage of all the products already present and recycle them.
  • you need to use more natural products, yes because nature produces everything you need without polluting.

So, if a company recycles raw materials or recycles products of natural origin, well we are facing a sustainable company.

Hence our choice, to use "100% recycled cashmere" raw materials to create splendid productions, or to regenerate "100% Cashmere" products.

The regenerated

13/12/2020 00:00

We wanted to use products that were sustainable and of high quality.
We wanted to create garments that last over time, that make the wearer feel good.
For this reason we have decided to use only regenerated products.
All our products come from the regeneration process, which takes place from the collection and selection of old garments, which are transformed into new resources.
Our products are mainly old 100% cashmere sweaters from which soft 100% cashmere sweaters are reborn.

Transparency and sustainability

12/12/2020 00:00

We can guarantee maximum transparency of the regeneration process. The partner companies "our suppliers" are. spinning and weaving mills that take care of sorting and sanitizing the garments and then regenerating and transforming them.

the recycled regenerated cashmere knitwear

08/08/2020 00:00

Recycled cashmere is produced from textile waste, which is frayed and reduced back to the fiber state. This is then spun again. The recycling of cashmere is therefore a mechanical process, it reduces water consumption to almost 0, which is instead necessary for virgin cashmere fiber. Even for the coloring, recycled cashmere takes place by color division, water resources are almost always not used again. In fact, the scraps are selected by color before undergoing the whole process, in other cases, but really in very few cases, instead the cashmere is yarn dyed. The disadvantages? One in particular. Compared to virgin cashmere fiber, the recycled one is shorter, so it must be strengthened with a minimum percentage of natural cashmere or similar virgin cashmere fibers to make it resistant.

New arrivals 100% Cashmere women's Made In Italy

25/06/2020 00:00

I have the pleasure of informing our customers and visitors that the whole new "Women's production" collection has arrived
Lots of colors. The products, as always, are all on the shelf ready to be chosen.
We have truly surpassed ourselves, with these new products we are increasingly convinced that by going in this direction life can be better seriously!

So many promises kept:


  1. Preserve the environment
  2. Reduce the amount of waste
  3. We retain and limit our limited resources
  4. We have extended the life of the materials
  5. We have entered the circular economy at full speed
  6. We are guaranteeing energy savings

All together for a better world!

Thank you....

14/06/2020 00:00

Thanks again to our customers and collaborators !!

To conquer the EAST

29/04/2020 00:00

As we advance to conquer the EAST, our products are increasingly part of everyday life
of the citizens of the beautiful KOREA.

Wholesale of knitwear and accessories 100% cashmere

18/04/2020 00:00

DiffusioneStock your wholesale of cashmere knitwear and accessories. Welcome. Here you can find all that is men's / women's knitwear and accessories; among which scarves, hats, gloves, in the top of the yarn; which one? 100% cashmere.

art of cashmere

10/03/2020 00:00

ART of regenerated cashmere
it is not for everyone.
We have been doing this for years with commitment.


11/03/2019 16:20

Regenerated cashmere has also won the attention of high fashion brands:
Gucci, Filippa K, Eileen Fisher and Stella McCartney ...........

Suppose of the Cashmere

30/05/2018 08:07

We can suppose that Chinese imperators and nobles fitted Cashmere clothes, even if there isn’t any document attesting this. It seems that Marco Polo, in the XIII century, saw graffiti of domesticated goats inside some caves in Mongolia.

So, we can think that man raised and exploited these goats for milk, meat (a female can weigh 30-50 kg, while a male 40-80 kg) and to obtain clothes from their fleece in those countries since the old times.
Certainly, considering the particular isothermal qualities of cashmere, it was very useful to fit where winters are cold.

English began to import to Europe this wonderful texture only in the XIX century.
The first import of cashmere hair from China was made at the end of 1950 by “Filatura d’Angora”. In those years Italy didn’t still have diplomatic relationships with China.

Other curiosity

30/05/2018 08:05

Cashmere is one of the most prestigious and nobles existent textures.
Cashmere is an extracted hair from the manufacture of Hircus Goat mantle, original from Ladakh and Tibet Tablelands, in Himalaya, located at about 4.000 m of altitude.
Nowadays, this specific race, is raised in various states like Tibet, China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

This goat produces a particularly thin, soft and warm texture that permits it to survive with temperatures of -40°. It is raised in an extensive way, because it needs poor pastures of weeds shrubbery and plants and can easily adapt to the different raising environments.
In the spring, there is the shearing and its hairs are washed and jarred (that means separate the thinner and softer hairs from the stiffer and bristly ones).

The best is the jarring, the purest will the final product be, without black hairs and jars.
We can calculate that a goat produces only of grams of usable cashmere texture after the jarring,of which another 10% is lost during the spinning, later.

So, for the production of half-thickness knitting, the annual production of 3 or more cashmere goats is needed.

Compared to the noblest wool, cashmere is more brilliant, shinier, softer and more isothermal.
Through the microscope, cashmere hair seems like a “little tube”, while the wool appears with serrated sections. During the washing, the wool textures tend to fit each other and so to felt. On the contrary, the cashmere hair, like the human hair, being like a little smooth tube, doesn’t felt.
Have you ever hear about a person who its hairs felt after a shampoo?

The standard to classify the beauty and the price of cashmere raw material is similar to the diamonds one. They are categorized for their color, pureness, thinness and length.
When cashmere is lighter, without jars, black hairs, thin and long, the price will be higher.
Our cashmere is at the top of this classification.

The peeling of the Cashmere

26/05/2018 08:11

Peeling effect is when the chafe of the smaller and superficial textures forms some “little balls”. This is a consequence of their coming out from the thread because they are not well fixed from the twisting.

As usual, people think that peeling effect is a quality’s defect but instead, this is a normal characteristic of cashmere and of thin wool. The realization of pure cashmere knitting presents always a dilemma: it is necessary choose between the softness or to “close” the thread to avoid the texture’s coming out caused by the use.
When the thread is more twisted, and so more “closed”, it will be less soft and swollen, similar to a string. On the contrary, with a swollen soft and light yarn, obtained by few twisting, the knitting will be very delicate and it will ruin very soon.
We prefer to produce a medium/high twisting to guarantee the life and the stability of garments.
When You buy our knitting, they will be soft but surely, washing after washing, they will be softer and the light peeling will completely disappear after 2/3 washings.
The thinner textures tend more to the peeling effect; so, a “Shetland” knitting (normal wool) will have surely less problems than a merino extrafine or cashmere knitting.

• Don’t worn the knitting more than 2/3 days running.
• It has to be washed as often as possible: cashmere loves water, because goats live in hard conditions, outdoors and under the rain. The textures when wet, they extend, while when dry, they come back to their origins. In this way, your cashmere knitting will be new, each washing.
• Don’t worn over the knitting jutting accessories, that can damage the textures. Pay attention to the daily habits: for example, don’t bring a pen or stiff things into the pockets to avoid the peeling effect. Our morphology and our habits influence a lot the life of our knitting.

The finesse in cashmere

25/05/2018 08:13

In the textile industry, the yarn count defines the thinness of a yarn, from Latin “titulus”.
In Europe, the standard count of the 100% cashmere is 2/28.000, that is say that it is composed by 2 threads twisted together for a length of 28.000 m pro kg.
The higher the count is, the longer should be the yarn. This is important for manufacturing technical purposes , too. To realize a 1/16.000 or 1/9.000, for example, cashmere selections that cost less than the half of those used for a 2/28.000, can be used.
In China is normally used the 2/26.000, very similar to the European 2/28.000. However, experts know that such a minimum change can engrave more than the 30% on the price of raw material.
So, to produce a knitting of 300 g, are necessary 16.800 m (16,8 km) of thread. 

Wholesale pure cashmere sweater woman's and man's

05/05/2018 14:15

If you are looking for a cashmere sweater wholesale, then you can stop here.

We are a company specialized in cashmere knitwear, for years in the industry, thanks to our customers and visitors,

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With about 20,000 knitwear items always available in stock, divided into models and sizes, we can serve any type of customer even the most demanding.


The resale can be done in batches or simply a choice, the customer accepts and buys the right needs, without the obligation of purchases that weigh on the

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We are a reality company in the sector.


You can make an appointment, from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00, we will be happy to let you touch our products. click here to CONTACT US


20/03/2018 00:00

The name of the project used by DiffusioneStock, for the pure regenerated Cashmere.

Take advantage of the wonderful promotions.

We retail wholesale / stock 


Sweaters of cashmere

18/01/2018 14:22

We have available in stock 100% pure regenerated cashmere, man and woman.

The knitwear is perfect, divided by models, divided by sizes, visible on the shelf.

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make an appointment, we will be happy to serve you.

Recycle of cashmere

24/08/2017 00:00

One of the ways to reduce the impact of production is cashmere to be recycled.
The practice of cashmere recycling dates back hundreds of years ago.
After sweats were so worn that they could not be worn, they were harvested and shredded into individual fibers, then converted into blankets. Here's how recycled cashmere uses the same procedure.
Thanks to modern quality controls, cashmere is subjected to careful and meticulous sorting processes.
By selecting and mixing the colors of woolen fabrics and garments, we can completely eliminate the dyeing process, thus saving water and chemicals and without having to manage the resulting wastewater.

In addition, the use of recycled cashmere reduces intensive exploitation of grazing land for sheep.
Cashmere recycling also reduces the amount of waste and waste produced, which in turn results in a limited use of landfills and the reduction of toxic incinerators emissions. Cashmere products that can no longer be used because they are too worn may find a new life through tissue reversal and help reduce air, water and soil pollution.

Cashmere rigenerated

21/08/2017 09:38

Have you ever heard of re-engineered cashmere? This is a process capable of transforming the scraps of noble fibers into matter to be re-shaped, and thus diminish the impact on the environment that may have cashmere harvesting and production. Thinking of turning one of the noblest fibers into an ecofriendly version was a group of Tuscan companies in pole position with regard to the Italian textile industry. New Brothers Boretti, Filpucci, Green Line A, Stelloni Collection by Mapel and Filatura C4 have created an exclusive platform that marks new ways for Italian cashmere, creating a line of environment-friendly yarns, certified with the best global ecological standards to guarantee The quality of materials and their integrity during the recycling process.


The regenerated cashmere has also attracted high fashion brands: Gucci, Filippa K, Eileen Fisher and Stella McCartney are just some of the names that have begun to replace virgin cashmere with the re-engineered. The task of the platform is to manage operations that bring back valuable yarn scraps, hand-made and preconsumer research.


"This is an absolutely new way of making textile that blends the circular economy with ancient Tuscan traditions. A responsible innovation that resulted in products of excellence totally ecological and made in Italy, "said Daniela Boretti, the founder of the project, seeking to reconcile the craft tradition with the needs and attentions that the environment demands.


It is not to be ruled out that there will still be many brands that decide to choose "green" cashmere for their own shelf.

Regenerated Cashmere, VICENZA JOURNAL, with Stella McCartney

27/05/2017 17:12

It is called King. Towards the regenerated yarn that Stella McCartney will use for the entire production of knitwear replacing pure cashmere. A fabric made in Italy and obtained from industrial cashmere excess, with which the English designer aims to reduce the environmental impact of 92%. To make a pure cashmere sweater, four goats are served, while only one sheep can get five wool sweaters. The demand for the market for pure cashmere products has increased dramatically in recent years, leading to an intensification of goat's farms and consequently to a greater impact on the environment that hosts them: Mongolia pastures. 90% of Mongolian prairies are at risk of desertification, with Re.Verso Stella McCartney and its sustainable eco-brand aim to attest the environmental impact to 2% by 2016

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The second life (green) of cashmere regenerated

27/05/2017 17:04

The second life (green) of cashmere

A group of high tech Tuscan companies produce new noble yarns from scraps and fashion that counts
- from Gucci to Stella McCartney - he noticed.

by investing

Italian textiles are tinged with green, which, in addition to mixing craftsmanship with transparent production processes, has created a new phenomenon: the re-engineering of cashmere. It is a process able to regenerate the scraps of noble fibers, already used in the past as a response to post-war poverty in the Prato district. And now it can turn into an ecofriendly textile platform named Re.Verso. That is, a synergy of top Tuscan yarn companies - New Fratelli Boretti, Filpucci, Green Line A, Stelloni Collection by Mapel and Filatura C4 - joined to produce the Italian "cashman" cashmere part of a line of yarns (The same innovative process also involves wool) not only precious but also certified with the best global environmental standards for material integrity during the recycling cycle (Grs).

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