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innovation in DiffusioneStock.com

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27/07/2023 00:00
eco-sustainable eco-cashmere knitwear and accessories

Innovation and new technologies are fundamental in many areas of the production and distribution sector: “In DiffusioneStock, we are driven to improve the way we do things.

The commitment of "DiffusioneStock" towards the 2030 goals

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04/03/2023 00:00
DiffusioneStock and its eco-cashmere

In our own small way, we are making an ever greater effort so that the way of dressing in luxury becomes 100% sustainable for everyone.

With our 100% Recycled Cashmere and GRS GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD CERTIFICATE we are increasingly an established and consolidated reality, with recognition from our customers who are becoming more numerous year by year........

New product preparations are always an emotion

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06/11/2022 00:00

As every year we are here with all the preparations to do, from the selection of colors, to the preparation of the models, try to improve more and more!

We are expanding the departments, the finesse of light cashmere ff12 will be even richer in models and colors for men and women. Not to mention the fineness department ff7 on 2 twisted yarns in 4 yarns, greatly appreciated by all our customers.

Our recycled cashmere totally reproduced in Italy.

100% ecological cashmere and made in Italy that does not impact the environment

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11/08/2022 00:00
100% ecological cashmere and made in Italy

A fiber with excellent intrinsic characteristics, such as the unmistakable feeling of softness, warmth, the thermo-regulatory properties of the fiber itself.
The cashmere fiber is one of the most loved and known yarns ever, the original fiber is obtained from the underfleece of the Capra Hircus, the name derives precisely from the place where it was born "between India, Pakistan and China ”a region by the name of KASHMIR, the climatic conditions of this region are characterized by extremely harsh climates, and precisely because of this type of climate, a very fine and soft hair that protects the animal favors the growth of the Duvet.
We have made a choice, no more stressing the animals, no more intensive farming.
Our commitment goes in the direction of fashion sustainability, in other words we use everything that has been created up to now.
With our partners who deal with huge collections of this precious material "old sweaters and accessories in 100% cashmere, waste and redundancy from large textile industries" we recreate the fantastic raw material, "100% cashmere" in an ecological way.
So we are the protagonists of a vision in redesigning cashmere knitwear and accessories with a really low impact for our environment and ecosystem.
Reusing old garments and transforming them into a new resource is done for us, fantastic and regenerated garments that will no longer clog up as waste for our environment, but will be fantastic new products to reuse. Isn't all this beautiful ??
But also the fact of collecting these big mountains of sweaters and various accessories and dividing them by color, SAVING the use of CHEMICAL products to color them, would already be an excellent goal.
And then, the enormous SAVINGS of energy, which is enough to think that the raw material "old garments" is ready, technically only to fray and twist.

We alone can do little, but we are doing our best!

100% Cashmere GREEN

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19/07/2022 00:00
100% Cashmere GREEN

Our 100% Cashmere Collections are made of soft regenerated cashmere, produced in Italy from selected textile fibers. Knitwear, scarves and hats for men and women, warm and soft to the touch, are ideal in contact with the skin. Our Cashmere Collection is completely GREEN, a concrete symbol of our commitment to protecting the world that hosts us.

Extreme softness of our pure cashmere

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10/04/2022 00:00
Extreme softness of our pure cashmere

We are continuing to expand our product range, adding numerous new items, other yarn gauges, other styles. Such as our new exclusive 12-gauge light cashmere production.
Obviously all this, always being within our parameters, always attentive to green and sustainability.
We managed to achieve 14 colors, all made available to our customers.
All our colors do not undergo dyes or additives, but we carefully select them at the source.
Our effort is enormous, but over the years it is paying off more and more.
We have increased the awareness of our customers, making them more and more aware of a sustainable product.

Come and visit us, arrange an appointment with us.

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