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24/12/2020 00:00

Let's try to understand better in terms that everyone can understand what "sustainability" of a product really means.

Sustainability is a very specific way of producing, so that our environment can sustain.

Unfortunately for us our environment is truly in crisis. The more poor quality things we produce, the more we will need to reproduce other products. We must be aware that we have entered a vicious circle, which is not good for our environment.

So, what are the fundamental steps to ensure that the environmental crisis of our planet is not increased yet?

Here are simple steps:


  • it is necessary to produce quality products, to ensure that they have a longer life.
  • you have to take advantage of all the products already present and recycle them.
  • you need to use more natural products, yes because nature produces everything you need without polluting.

So, if a company recycles raw materials or recycles products of natural origin, well we are facing a sustainable company.

Hence our choice, to use "100% recycled cashmere" raw materials to create splendid productions, or to regenerate "100% Cashmere" products.

The road of the old leaders

13/12/2020 00:00

For the regeneration of cashmere fiber garments we collaborate with some companies in Italy, which for years have been dealing with giving new life to these garments.

This allows us to give individuals the opportunity to contribute to a circular economy project. In fact, we take care of recovering the garments that would be thrown in general waste, to ensure that they are transformed into a regenerated product.

The regenerated

13/12/2020 00:00

We wanted to use products that were sustainable and of high quality.
We wanted to create garments that last over time, that make the wearer feel good.
For this reason we have decided to use only regenerated products.
All our products come from the regeneration process, which takes place from the collection and selection of old garments, which are transformed into new resources.
Our products are mainly old 100% cashmere sweaters from which soft 100% cashmere sweaters are reborn.

Transparency and sustainability

12/12/2020 00:00

We can guarantee maximum transparency of the regeneration process. The partner companies "our suppliers" are. spinning and weaving mills that take care of sorting and sanitizing the garments and then regenerating and transforming them.

the recycled regenerated cashmere knitwear

08/08/2020 00:00

Recycled cashmere is produced from textile waste, which is frayed and reduced back to the fiber state. This is then spun again. The recycling of cashmere is therefore a mechanical process, it reduces water consumption to almost 0, which is instead necessary for virgin cashmere fiber. Even for the coloring, recycled cashmere takes place by color division, water resources are almost always not used again. In fact, the scraps are selected by color before undergoing the whole process, in other cases, but really in very few cases, instead the cashmere is yarn dyed. The disadvantages? One in particular. Compared to virgin cashmere fiber, the recycled one is shorter, so it must be strengthened with a minimum percentage of natural cashmere or similar virgin cashmere fibers to make it resistant.

New arrivals 100% Cashmere women's Made In Italy

25/06/2020 00:00

I have the pleasure of informing our customers and visitors that the whole new "Women's production" collection has arrived
Lots of colors. The products, as always, are all on the shelf ready to be chosen.
We have truly surpassed ourselves, with these new products we are increasingly convinced that by going in this direction life can be better seriously!

So many promises kept:


  1. Preserve the environment
  2. Reduce the amount of waste
  3. We retain and limit our limited resources
  4. We have extended the life of the materials
  5. We have entered the circular economy at full speed
  6. We are guaranteeing energy savings

All together for a better world!

Thank you....

14/06/2020 00:00

Thanks again to our customers and collaborators !!

To conquer the EAST

29/04/2020 00:00

As we advance to conquer the EAST, our products are increasingly part of everyday life
of the citizens of the beautiful KOREA.

Wholesale of knitwear and accessories 100% cashmere

18/04/2020 00:00

DiffusioneStock your wholesale of cashmere knitwear and accessories. Welcome. Here you can find all that is men's / women's knitwear and accessories; among which scarves, hats, gloves, in the top of the yarn; which one? 100% cashmere.