The origin of cashmere

A hidden treasure for all to see


The cashmere yarn we use is 100% recycled cashmere, through various mechanical processes all made in Italy, in various different phases.

It is recovered through large collections (of old clothing) and from (industrial textile waste), all of which are 100% cashmere.

All the knitwear's, garments and remnants are then carefully selected and divided by color.

Yes, that's right, divided by color, this is where we get the second drastic reduction in consumption such as water and chemicals.

Our trusted suppliers are all GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified

Composition 100% cashmere.

Refine the work


All this “very precious” raw material is then brought into fraying to reduce all the material to the fiber state, to be then taken to spinning, where the new 100% regenerated cashmere yarn is born.

At this point you can opt to produce any product, be it a sweater, a scarf or a hat, having respected our environment!


Soft and sophisticated


The result of this process, a sensational product, soft to the touch and extraordinarily warm, having retained all the original isothermal characteristics and properties.

In fact, the air trapped in the tiny spaces between the fibers forms a natural barrier that helps to maintain body heat and prevents the cold from reaching the skin.

Wearing Cashmere is an unparalleled experience. The exceptional finesse, softness, lightness and warmth of the cashmere garments make them perfect for winter, during the change of seasons and even on cooler summer evenings.

A regenerated yarn can never have a pure composition.

In fact, there is always a small percentage of "traces" of other fibers, which are due to the use for sewing or details which in the various regeneration processes are in any case incorporated and cannot be traced.

In this case, cashmere can bring with it a very small percentage of even a few points, but this absolutely does not affect the quality of the garments.