DiffusioneStock is a company that was founded several years ago, with the intention of doing business in the trade of knitwear and clothing in stock.

It is true only after years of activity we were able to make a change and therefore move totally from fast-fashion to slow-fashion, but I assure you it was not easy and it is not, to build a business model where you can earn and at the same time not to damage the environment, the place where we live, at the same time to spread the idea and the feasibility of a sustainable way of life. Always remaining in the fine knitwear sector, we specialize in “regenerated / recycled” 100% cashmere knitwear and accessories. In the world of fashion where we want to promote the establishment of an "ethical and sustainable model". We have taken the issue of the environment to heart, which is why we have decided to make this choice, to personally contribute to the cause, on the issue of economic, climatic and environmental needs, for us but above all for the generation to come.

Circular Fashion

With our production, old 100% cashmere sweaters and garments are recycled / regenerated, but above all they are considerably reduced:









• Co2


Normally used during the production phases! We firmly believe that there is no need to produce new fibers yet, but we can use those that have already been produced and maybe regenerate them.

100% Cashmere Recycle Reuse I reduce

Especially our animal friends will have their benefit, as they will no longer be exploited or mistreated.

For us, being protagonists, obviously in our small way, of such a BIG project is simply extraordinary!

We call ourselves Animal Free, a fashion that is not only beautiful but also respectful of animals, the environment and the health of consumers. Yes, because with a working model like this, there would no longer be a need to scramble our fantastic animal friends.
If you are also looking for an "ANIMAL FRIENDLY" or "IMPACT 0 WITH NATURE" fashion "Here you are in the right place. We are a company that is committed to no longer using any direct material of animal origin. the one that already exists.

Let's take care of our planet, our health and our animal friends.
Nature and true friends thank you!

We wanted to add an R to the famous 3 Rs

100% Cashmere
Recycling Reuse Reduce, RESPECT!