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The circular economy?

To give life to a new product from a scrap or waste and then start the whole cycle of the circular economy, we need all of you, to sensitize all people so that they have in mind that it is possible to do this.
The circular economy is a production model that implies sharing, reuse, repair, reconditioning of all materials today for as long as possible. Be responsible, look for a remanufactured / recycled product, pay more attention during a purchase. Ask for more information about that particular item or product you are about to buy.
Safeguarding our limited resources, respecting our animal friends, respecting our environment must become our way of life, a way of being. We are all aware that we cannot go on with this. 

Saving energy and harmful substances

The materials we use are the result of a long and laborious research. 
Common sense, energy saving, not using chemicals, pesticides or dyes, saving significant amounts of water and everything that should be used to produce virgin yarn. With our processes and those of our collaborating partners, old pure cashmere garments are recycled, totally or almost completely eliminating the waste problem (At least for our sector). Unfortunately, some sources indicate that currently only about 30% of material is properly recycled. This means having to do something and also quickly.

Recycle and Regenerate

We are not a fashion brand, we are a company that was born from an environmental crisis, so we want to contribute to the change towards an ethical and above all sustainable business model. We have so much of that material available that today we could stop and recycle and regenerate everything that already exists. We produce knitwear and accessories with 100% cashmere recycled material, and also here our choice to treat only and exclusively a single material. Because we are specialists in this slice of the sector. We give all merchants the opportunity to do the same, through our 100% recycled / regenerated cashmere products.

We in conclusion

We at DiffusioneStock believe in it and define the concept of SUSTAINABLE "regenerated, recycled, reused" 100% Cashmere knitwear following the fundamental steps through, Quality, Sustainability; Responsibility. In our opinion and in the opinion of many experts worldwide, we have reached a point where we must review our way of consuming, reusing, recycling. The resources we have at our disposal "unfortunately" are limited, and the environment is suffering a lot. In practice we must use the most efficient way possible to manage and reuse our resources. Hence the famous 3 Rs recognized all over the world, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. Circular economy, this is the project we are following. Yes, we do business, but in a responsible way, nature thanks us