cashmere ricycled / eco cashmere

The regeneration / recycling process involves the reuse of waste from 100% cashmere textile materials to create new products that have a greater value.

Recycling a product allows it to have a new life, a new shape, but above all a new purpose.

To put this action into practice, you need to change your mentality.

The idea behind the project is precisely this, to give a purpose to waste.

In fact, what we do is take old 100% cashmere garments and transform them into a new yarn. With the yarn obtained we create new knitwear items, accessories such as scarves, hats.

Where does it come from:
The old 100% cashmere garments come from specific research, or from industrial waste.

In all cases, the old garments are checked one by one, then selected and divided by color.

The various bales divided by color are brought to fraying, in order to obtain a sort of staple ready to be carded and spun.

The resulting frayed staple is then carried “always color by color” into spinning, to subject it to the carding and twisting process to obtain a new yarn. Obviously, all this while keeping the original color divided and selected upstream, so without "dyeing it or coloring it" in doing so drastically cuts down on water consumption, consumption of coloring products, consumption of chemical products.

This whole process brings many benefits both to us, but above all to the environment, here are some concrete advantages:

We can make new products
(From waste that would only have been a problem for the environment)

It conserves the environment and reduces the amount of waste
(Not polluting with toxic, chemical products.)

Keep limited resources
(No longer stressing animals with intensive farming)

It reduces production costs and the use of raw materials
(Slightly cuts costs by skipping some steps in the industry)

Prolongs the life of the materials
(The product can be recycled several times)

It encourages the use of the circular economy
(If each of us started thinking of being able to recycle various materials, it would drastically reduce the pollution of our environment for generations to come)

Guarantees energy savings
(By skipping some processes, excellent energy savings are achieved)

The material obtained "100% recycled cashmere" has characteristics, transpiring, thermoregulatory, very soft to the touch.

ricycled cashmere

Check out the video below.

The entire process is carried out in Italian companies, with excellent quality controls, all made by hand.

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