100% Eco Cashmere production

100% Eco Cashmere production

In addition to the vast assortment in our Stock-Service, of 100% Cashmere knitwear all ready and divided on the shelf, where you can make your careful selection, we also give you the possibility to plan productions.

We produce knitwear and accessories for medium and large retailers.

We guarantee and follow the entire production process, from mixing the yarn, to fraying, spinning, knitting, packaging, ironing, quality control, up to the delivery of the finished garment.

Obviously we always talk about 100% cashmere knitwear with excellent recycled yarns.

But above all strictly MADE IN ITALY, conceived, developed and packaged in ITALIAN COMPANIES.



To guarantee a production of the highest level, we have chosen as a reference partner a company recognized at a high level in knitwear weaving.

And thanks to their meticulous work, today it can include a fleet of the latest generation of machines. Therefore we can satisfy any type of request from the customer, both in terms of fineness, modeling and types of wire. We operate on electronic machines for a more accurate result.

At this point, once the most suitable yarn has been chosen, the weaving phase takes place, in which the different parts that will make up the garment are made (the front, the back, the sleeves, the collars). According to the result you want to obtain, the garment can be knitted in different finenesses, we treat the finenesses 3/5/7/12, both for men and women. Knitwear and accessories.

Obviously, before moving on to the next steps, each pieces that derives from the weaving is checked to identify any anomalies or defects that may affect the quality of the garment. 


The knitted fabrics are grouped into packages, after which they are distributed in the department where the sewing workers complete the creation. Each employee works on a particular operation. As soon as the employee has completed an operation for a particular package, the package is processed to the next department for a further process.

A great added value is the truth


In the latter, the different components of the shirt are assembled together, through the linking stitching performed by circular stitching machines. These machines are composed of a crown of needles, which vary in size according to the fineness of the stitch. Each jersey is manually threaded one by one into each needle to be then sewn by a passing needle. This operation is repeated for each part of the link to be assembled.


The garment is then subjected to washing, or fulling, which varies according to the type of yarn used. This phase is essential to enhance the brilliance of the colors, the softness, the comfort.

Subsequently the garment is subjected to ironing so that it reaches the desired measurements.

The professionalism of this department ensures an impeccable product. Thanks also to the help of many washing technologies, such as steam ironing.


And finally a department of great responsibility, the last phase before the product is shipped. Precisely for these reasons the staff, with absolute attention to detail, checks and certifies the Quality!

DiffusioneStock, present on the market since 1998 for over 20 years, is also a production and distribution reality that has always operated in the field of knitwear, with maximum price competitiveness.

We have a very select clientele that includes



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A catalog entirely dedicated to pure cashmere, but above all dedicated only to merchants and retailers (In fact, to view the prices just register for free, be careful to enter all the data correctly, we will check the data entered to make sure that you are really a retailer in possession of VAT number) After which you can make LOGIN to consult all the products in the list with their available quantities and prices, simply click on the item of your interest and then enter the detailed file, where you will find all the information regarding that product. At the origin of cashmere: an excellent and eco-sustainable raw material, Quality is fundamental for DiffusioneStock: from the selection of raw materials, to processing, up to the production and delivery of the finished product. In fact, only 100% cashmere fibers are selected and then processed. A fantastic fiber that can withstand the extreme cold of the harshest winters. In making your 100% pure cashmere knitwear, we only use carefully selected fibers and we do not use ANY dyes. Fashionable designs among our cashmere sweaters. For each collection we do our best, our products are the result of constant research to create very soft eco-cashmere sweaters. Discover now the variety of different thicknesses, lots of colors! We are specialists in the cashmere sector, we have the high skills to offer you many models and gauges ranging from 2 to 8 threads! The cashmere garments for both men and women, in plain or mélange colors, different processes, from the simple and classic ribbed shaved or the timeless braids. 100% cashmere men's and women's knitwear – From the raw material to the retailer. Our factories, as well as direct partners, are located in Perugia and Florence (Italy). The commitment to one's collaborators has magically bewitched us, so much so that we focus exclusively on 100% cashmere as our core business. By putting together their and our know-how we have become leaders in the sector! All our products are 100% designed, created and produced in Italy. We are proud to be able to say 100% Made In Italy 100% pure cashmere.