men's knitwear 100% cashmere blue crewneck Made In Italy | wholesale

men's knitwear 100% cashmere blue crewneck Made In Italy | wholesale

men's knitwear 100% cashmere blue crewneck Made In Italy | wholesale

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  • Model: Round neck
  • Color: BLUE
  • Minimum purchase: box of 7 pieces
  • Size: 1/S / 2/M / 2/L / 2/XL
  • Manufactory: MADE IN ITALY 
  • Product condiction: Our Production
  • Composition: 100% Cashmere 
  • Availability: Our Stock-Service 
  • Gauge: 7
  • Article: PRZPRD E500


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Sustainable fashion is an emotional state, it is part of a "green" lifestyle which means that we must value everything we wear.

Imagine that only a small percentage of textiles every year is properly recycled. With enormous problems of overproduction related to the world of fashion. So it is easy to understand that recycling is "one" of the right answers. We in our small way want to do our part, and for this reason our 100% recycled cashmere is born, long lasting and soft.


filiera del riciclo

100% Cashmere recycling chain

For example, our yarns do not undergo dyeing, but are divided by color.
This means that we don't add chemicals to the yarn.

Our regenerated cashmere products are born from the regeneration of old garments "such as old sweaters or 100% cashmere accessories" which, through various and delicate processes, return to the fiber state;

1) the meticulous research of the product
2) a careful selection
3) division by color
4) fraying
5) finally spinning

The final result of this wonderful "magic" process, here is a new and splendid yarn ready to be worked and to create new 100% cashmere sweaters and accessories. Above all 100% sustainable.

From research by well-known Italian and international companies, they declare that through this type of "regeneration / recycling" process of cashmere, a lot of resources are saved, here are some data:


dati impatto cashmere riciclato


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