How do I see the prices in my currency?
The prices in our catalog refer only to EURO

Why can't I see some products in the catalog?
If you don't see some products, it means that we are replenishing them, so it will be a matter of little and will be available again.

Do the prices of the products shown in the catalog include VAT?
No, the sale prices of DiffusioneStock are all excluding VAT. The VAT will be applied where applicable and will be calculated in the cart.

How often is the catalog restocked?
The DiffusioneStock catalog is restocked weekly, and all new arrivals are made immediately available.

Are the products sold on DiffusioneStock all eco-sustainable?
97% of our products are eco-sustainable, totally respect the environment, all limited resources, and above all our animal friends.
We have made our work a workhorse, as we are bringing all that is not eco-sustainable to 0! From 100% regenerated cashmere knitwear, to our 100% regenerated cashmere yarn, with our partners and suppliers with a certificate of origin and GLOBAL RECYCLE STANDARD (GRS) certifications, ensuring our 100% eco-sustainable supply chain.

Different shades of the color
Only exceptionally it could occur, for some variables related to the characteristics of the raw material, that the color of the yarn has slightly different shades from one batch to another. This eventuality is known among the workers in the sector as the color bath takes place on new lots.

On garments of the same color, but made after some time and therefore using different lots of raw material, there may be a slight difference in hue.